Tuesday, 27 September 2011


It was all started from Friday 23rd of September maybe…. I did not take rice for my night meal…but replaced it with Chicken Burger….
On Saturday 24th of Sept , I forgot to take my breakfast because we were so busy packaging stuff and cleaning the house…. Stomach had start aching…(Forgotten for a while that I am a pregnant women who should not skip any of her male)…
               On the way to Jamuanraya we bought burgers…I don’t feel like eating so I just grab a bite or two GCB and I did not eat a lot at the Jamuanraya….2 cups of lime syrup, little of nasi tomato and 2 pieces of watermelon…. Empty stomach with full of acid…. plus a watermelon yang dah rosak… are a very good recipe to get a food poisoning
…. plus non stop vomiting from Saturday till Sunday noon (before get warded)…. Hampir-hampir caused me dehydration…. Which is so not good for a pregnant women…. So not good for the baby…. And as a result, have to be warded untuk masuk air….
6 bottles a day which each bottle contains 500ml of fluids (apa nama airnya tak sure….) and I think they gave nearly 10 bottles…and it makes me feel good :-) Alhamdulillah… feel a bit healthy.
               FYI, I am in the 14th weeks of pregnancy… expecting for the third (but fourth – docs counted the miscarriage) InsyaAllah the due date is on 26th of March 2012 (making Husna a kakak :-))
  Now… about the “hospital trip”..ahahaha… I have learned my lesson…through the hard way… So, as a pregnant women:
#2 Always remember to eat dalam kuantiti yang sedikit tetapi kerap
#3 Do not let your stomach empty
#4 Janganlah ikut perasaan sangat dan terlalu layan muntah-muntah sampai malas nak ambil makanan. Lepas muntah makan lagi
#5 Jaga kebersihan makanan dan awasi kualiti makanan yang kita ambil
#6 MUJAHADAH  untuk terus MINUM AIR MASAK/MINERAL 3 LITER sehari… cubalah dengan 3 teguk setiap kali minum tetapi kerap…. Air masak sangat penting untuk tubuh badan…
Alhamdulillah, terima kasih Ya Allah kerana memberi aku cahaya melihat pengajaran yang boleh aku perolehi daripada kejadian ini  :-)

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