Saturday, 21 January 2012

how time flies with new lessons in our life

Betapa pantas masa berlalu. Sekarang sudah masuk hari ke 21 bulan Januari. Banyak benda baru berlaku pada tahun ini. Banyak pengalaman baru yang saya pelajari.

I took notes on new things that happened and i learned :
# 1 Fawwaz is going to preschool this year (Alhamdulillah). He is going to be 4 years old on July (this is his 4th years of age so he is qualified enough to go to preschool).
We are sending him to Nur Khalifah Kindergaten. We don't really hope for much, just want to expose him to a learning environment, how to socialize with friends in a much more formal place and exposing him to a new experience of other activities besides Disney Junior and his toys at home.
**We found that he likes going to school and he likes learning. He shows interest in going to that school.. (i hope it is not the toys there which motivates him on going to school haha)

#2 Husna is alone now at nursery (but her friends are still there actually) without Fawwaz because he has been placed to a new house near by for kids age 4 to 6 years old. First, she shows unhappy sign because her brother is no longer around, no more Abg Fawwaz while waiting for me or my husband come to take them...
But somehow later on she get use to it....and now, she is fine...
Bila masuk kereta dan jumpa Fawwaz, dia punya seronok macam dah lama je tak jumpa :D

#3 Baby is coming in March insyaAllah and we are trying to make some preparation and getting ready... Please make dua for us :)

#4 I am learning new things as a what u speak to your students, try to figure ways to build a bond between you and them and get close to sincere  in teaching and learning...because of Allah....
When you have a good relation with others, it is easier to make them  listen to what are you trying to say and teach.... We want them to grab the learning and get educated, not just finishing the syllbus....

#5 always remember that LA HAULA WA LA QUWWATA ILLA BILLAH.... We always need Allah in our life, seek for His forgiveness and guidance in this life...

These are some of the things that i have been jotting down in my memory and my mind.... These are some of the lessons for me.
May Allah grant us patience and guidance in this life

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