Friday, 11 November 2011

Dealing with Tantrums...#1 STAY CALM

I've been searching all this time on tips and guidelines on how to handle small kids with certain issues ( like tantrum, doesn't want to eat, yang menjerit bila marah,buli dan etc....).

Then i found this good and informative book. "What to Expect : The Toddler Years" by Heidi Murkoff and some other writers.

Interesting and i like it :) Although i just read only 1% of the book.....ehem..ehem

The first thing  i did when i opened the book,was  searching about to deal with tantrum....

The first suggestion is :
#1 stay calm.... (how can we do that?)
but that is the number 1. STAY CALM

A big WHY there isn't it?

Okay...the writer said in the book :
"Stay calm. Nothing fuels a toddler's like a fired-up parent ; seeing you lose your cool will only make it more difficult for your child to regain his or hers. A  parental blow-up can also terrify a toddler, raising the specter loss of parental love. Already off-balance because of his or her own loss of control, the tantrumming toddler needs your calming influence and the reassurance of your unconditional love...."

i see... api lawan dengan api lagi terbakar. tapi api lawan dengan air, makin berkuranglah apinya.....

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