Sunday, 12 June 2011

We are different...

Somehow what i can say is...
We are totally TWO DIFFERENT PERSON....
You can't be me
And same do here....

We have different way of thinking,
Finding solutions,
Solving problems,
Looking at something,
And others.... we are way too different....

I can't be you
Neither do things your way (sometimes)
Coz i am just me
A simple me...

I am sorry
For i might not have
The good value that other did
I am just a simple person
Who makes mistakes
and try to fix it after that
But can't forget it...
For SOME years
Suffering from the effort on how to forget them
Try to make myself busy so that i could forget it :(

And i always think that
I might be not the right person for you
But you are the best that
Allah has gave me

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