Friday, 14 October 2011

5th day of new work

nothing much different with his job before...except he didn't use his kekuatan fizikal but kekuatan mental... besides that, he still get tired.

hearing his experience after 4 days of working at the new place, make me wanna share it here :)

#day 1 : smooth start.

#day 2 : i have found that the canteen
was so near and just a walking distance

#day 3 : attend a meeting...but sleepy and sleeps hahaha

# day 4 : he witness a fight... quarrell..owh! owh! people are showing their true colours...

# day 5 : i am waiting to listen when he came back home (actually he doesn't talk to much but i like asking and talking hehehe).... and there will be lot more to come after this...for sure!Hahaha

keep up the good work sayang!

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